How do I view my monthly account balance?

The Account Balance page is a summary of total balance by the end of each month regardless of the due date. Should you wish to view the actual balance due requiring for payment, click here. Otherwise, proceed to the below steps to view your monthly account balance:

1. Select the account/s you wish to view account balances for.

  • For single account, proceed to Step 2.
  • For multiple accounts, click on the account selector button at the top next to your name and select an account. You can select All accounts should you wish to view combined balance each month.


2. On the Dashboard, click on the Financials tab then Account Balance.


3. Account balances within the last 12 months will display by default. To go a few months back, click on the Month selector then Search.


4. See below to see what each column represents:

Debit – all debit charges i.e. invoices, carry-over balances

Credit – payments, credits, rebates

Balance – total balance as of end of the specified month

5. To download:

  • All account balances – click on the Download arrow button above the Balance header to download as CSV or Excel.


  • Single or multiple account balances - tick the box next to the month/s you wish to download then click on the Download arrow button.




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