Where can I find your product price list and how do I submit an order?

Follow the steps below to view our product price list and submit an order:

1. On the Dashboard, click Products.

2. For multiple accounts, select the account you wish to view pricing for.


3. Once you've selected an account, there are many ways you can search for products:

  • By product code:

  • By product name or keyword(s):

  • By Category:

Products under the category selected will then display. Click on the arrow next to the product to display the list of sub-products.

Note: Pricing may not be available on all accounts. If this is the case, please contact your Account Manager for pricing information.

4. Once you have selected a product to order, enter the quantity then click Add to order to save in Your order.

5. Click on Your order on the top right corner of your screen to view and submit your order.


6. Click on Add order details to submit your order information.

7. Select between Delivery or Pickup.

8.1 Fill out all the required fields in the Order details page. For Delivery address, you can use the business address on file or a custom address. Once done, click on Review order to proceed.

8.2 For pickup, simply fill out all the required fields in the Order details page then click on Review order to proceed.

9. Review your order then click on Confirm order to submit. 

10. A pop up message will appear. Click Yes to confirm your order.

11. Once your order is submitted, your reference number will show on your screen. An order confirmation email will also be sent to your registered email.



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