How do I pay a sales order? (for cash sale accounts)

Upfront payment against sales orders is only required for customers with cash sale accounts. Customers with credit accounts can choose to pay against invoices or account balance on or before the due date. 

Follow the steps below to pay a sales order:

1. Select the account you wish to pay the sales order for.

  • For single account, proceed to Step 2.
  • For multiple accounts, click the green filter icon on the top right section of the Dashboard and select the account you wish to pay the sales order for.

2. On the Dashboard, click Financials.

3. Select Payments.

4. Click Sales Order under the What to pay heading. Sales Orders will then display. 

Note: No invoices are displayed for cash sale accounts, as payments must be made against sales orders.

5.  Select the sales order you wish to pay for:

  • Tick the box beside the Account no. heading to select ALL sales orders, or tick the box to select individual sales orders. 


  • Click on Review payments to proceed.

6. Review your payment. Click on Select payment method on the bottom right section of the page to proceed.

7. Select payment method:

  • There are 3 different payment methods to choose from:

  • Click on Select payment method to proceed.

8. Enter your payment method details:

  • To register new bank account or credit card under payment method EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) from Bank Account, register your details then click Submit. Review the Direct Debit Request Service Agreement then click Submit.

  • To register a new credit card under payment method Credit Card Payment, register your card details then click Confirm card.

9. Review confirm your payment. Click on Pay now to proceed.

10. You will then see a payment confirmation on your screen with your receipt number. A receipt will be emailed to your registered email address.

*Online payments are currently accepted ONLY in AUD.


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