How do I download purchases report by product?

Customers can access data regarding their purchase history by product, which is represented by an easy-to-read bar graph that highlights the amount or quantity of specific products purchased within a maximum scope of 12 months and a table that compares purchases by product made for a particular month and the same month last year, illustrated in a descending order. The data can also be downloaded in CSV or Excel format, and the steps below demonstrate how to do so:

1. On the Dashboard, click Reports then select Purchase history. You will be directed to Purchases by month page by default.


2. Click on Product.

3. On the filter options:

  • Click on the month selector to choose a time range. Note: The report needs to be limited to no more than 1 year.

  • Click on the dollar icon to view the report by amount, or the weighing scale icon to view by quantities

  • Click on the Unit of Measure drop-down list to select a unit or simply leave it as it is to display all units

  • Click on Get report to display your desired data

4. To download the report as CSV or Excel, click on the Download button on the right side across the Get report button then select the file type you wish to download it to.


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