How do I update or remove a saved bank account or credit card?

For security purposes, it is not currently possible to edit a saved bank account or credit card. You can however delete the old one then re-register.

Follow these steps to remove a saved bank account or credit card:

1. On the Dashboard, click on Make a Payment. Don't worry, you don't need to submit your payment if you are not ready. You can cancel the payment (Step 5) once you have deleted your saved payment method.


2. Select at least one invoice from the list then click on Review payments in the bottom right. 


3. Click on Select payment method on the next page.


4. Your saved bank account and/or credit card details will appear on the Payment Method page. Click on Remove next to the saved bank account or credit card you wish to delete.


5. Should you wish to register a new payment method, click on Register new bank account (option 1), Register credit card (option 2) or New credit card (AMEX, option 3). Otherwise, click on Cancel payment.



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