How do I apply project pricing to my order?

Follow the simple steps below to place an order:

1. Select the account you wish to view project pricing for.

  • For single account, proceed to Step 2.
  • For multiple accounts, click the green filter button on the top right section of the Dashboard and select the account you wish to view project pricing for.

2. On the Dashboard, click on Place an order.

3. Fill out all the required fields on the Order details section. Please ensure that the project account is selected under Account or project address and the full order details are saved (by clicking on Save order details) for the project pricing to be applied.

4. Click on Browse products to search for products and view pricing.

5. To add the products to your order, click on Add to order next to the product quantity.

6. Once all items are added, click on Place order to submit the order.

7. Click on Place order when asked to confirm order.


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