How do I find the total balance due?

To know your total balance due and the invoices requiring payment, follow the simple steps below:

1. Select the account you wish to pay view the balance due for.

  • For single account, proceed to Step 2.
  • For multiple accounts, click the green filter icon on the top right section of the Dashboard and select the account you wish to pay view the balance due for.

2. On the Dashboard, click on Make a payment

3. Under What to pay?, you will be redirected to Invoices showing ALL outstanding invoices. Click on the Show due button on the middle right section to display only invoices that are requiring payment.

4. Tick the box next to the Document no. header to select ALL invoices. 

5. The Total amount due will then display on the middle right and bottom section of the page.

For steps on how to pay against invoices that are due, please refer to this FAQ link - How do I pay invoices that are due? (for credit accounts)


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