How do I download PODs/Delivery Dockets?

Access to your Proof of Delivery is now available for Gyprock customers on your CSR Connect account, and soon for all our other customers. The receipt will appear two weeks after the delivery has been made and you can download it by following the simple steps below:

1. Select the account you wish to download the POD for.

  • For single account, proceed to Step 2.
  • For multiple accounts, click the green filter button on the top right section of the Dashboard and select the account you wish to download the POD for.

2. On the Dashboard, click on Financials then select Invoices.

3. In the search bar, type in the Invoice No. or Your Reference which relates to the POD you wish to download.

4. Click on the underlined delivery number to download the POD document.

If the delivery number is not underlined, that means we have not received the POD document yet. You may request for a copy by contacting our Customer Service team or your Account Manager. 


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