How do I check for stock availability in Connect?

We have launched a new feature to your online ordering process that let’s you view the stock availability of products. At this stage, this feature is available for Bradford customers ordering from Coffs Harbour and all Gyprock NSW customers ordering from GTC stores apart from Alexandria and Wetherill Park Distribution Centres who do not support this feature at the moment.

On the ordering page, you’ll notice that when you add an item there’ll be new symbols beside the quantity. This feature also works for delivery orders, depending on which site the stock will be supplied from.

Note: The pickup location from the order details section should be saved for the stock availability symbols to show.

There are three stock availability statuses. Hold your mouse over the icon to see the status.

Stock Available

If a green tick appears next to the item quantity, that means that stock is available for the quantity ordered at the supplying GTC (for pickups or deliveries).

Stock Running Low

If there’s a tick with a little (!) next to it, it means that stocks are running low, BUT they should have enough to cover the order (we allow a small buffer).  You can still place your order but if there are any issues, a customer service rep will give you a buzz to let you know.

Stock Unavailable

If the (!) symbol shows up, it means that there isn’t enough stock available for the quantity entered at the selected GTC to fulfill your order. If you hover over the indicator, it’ll tell you what date the full ordered quantity will be available.

If you try placing an order for stock that’s unavailable, a prompt will ask you to change the pickup date.

You can continue to place the order even without changing the date, however you’ll be contacted by a Customer Service Representative to discuss the unavailability.


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