How do I view my Payment History? (new feature)

You can now view and print receipts of your payments that were submitted via CSR Connect. To do so, please follow the simple steps below:

1. Select the account you wish to view the payment history for.

  • For single account, proceed to Step 2.
  • For multiple accounts, click on the green Account Selector button at the top next to your name and select the account you wish to view payment history for.

2. On the Dashboard, click on Financials then select Payment History. Your payments submitted via CSR Connect within the last three (3) months will then display by default.

3. To narrow down your search, enter the CSR Payment Reference Number into the search box and/or select your desired date/s from the date boxes then click on Search.

4. To print a payment receipt, click on the CSR Reference Number to open the document.

5. In the top right corner of the document, click on the Print button.



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