How do I create a contact on an account?

Follow the simple steps below to create a contact on an account:

1. On the menu bar click on Admin then Manage accounts


2. Select the account you wish to create a contact for:

  • For single account, click on the underlined account name to view the account details


  • For multiple accounts, type the account name or the account number in the search bar then click on the account name to view the account details


3. Under Account, click Contacts.


4. At the top of the contacts list, click on New contact.


5. Enter all “core” contact information. This includes full name, job title, email address and at least one phone number. If you accidentally enter in some bad data, we’ll let you know. Once done, click Add new contact to save the details. If one or more fields are blank, the Add new contact button will be greyed out.


6. The new contact is created and will be visible from the list if you click back to Contacts.



Note: If the new contact does not appear straight away, please check again after a few minutes. If still not there, please contact our friendly support team - you can reach us through the following channels:

1. From within CSR Connect using LiveChat
2. Via email at
3. Via phone 1800 909 439 (Aus) or 0800 277 266 (NZ)



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